Our success comes from a meaningful integration of the research, design and engineering disciplines. Our research team conducts ethnographic, usability, evaluative and discriminatory experience analysis. Our design team are experts at industrial, interaction, graphic and communication design. Our engineering team includes mechanical, electrical, systems and software.

True value for our clients is achieved when all of these teams work together. Our engineers are embedded in the research process. Our research team is an integral part of the design phase. Collaboration between three disciplines maximizes the effectiveness of each - and results in a better end product for our client. This is what sets HLB apart from traditionally run product development and industrial design firms. We don't just talk about collaboration. We live and breathe collaboration.

HLB works with product development companies across all industries located all over the world. Whether it's Medical, Consumer or Industrial, we help set new standards and drive profits. Below is just a small sampling of our work. A more in-depth presentation on the 50 year history of HLB's extraordinary success in bringing ideas to life is available by contacting us.



Smith & Nephew



ROAN Tools

Central Pet & Garden



The First Years




Gilbarco Veeder-Root