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HLB has the best talent in the industry, with the experience and commitment to understand your objectives, generate ideas to meet those objectives and the know-how to bring those ideas to life.

Whether a Fortune 500 powerhouse or an entrepreneurial start-up, whether you require a top to bottom development team or expertise augmentation, HLB can craft a program customized for your specific needs. Together with our clients, we align business model and product objectives with HLB’s 50+ years of product development experience, resulting in a product roadmap that more effectively addresses customer needs, expands market share, and increases ROI. Additionally, our highly skilled project managers guide a collaborative process utilizing multiple disciplines to maintain focus, energy and talents on creating commercially successful products on time and within budget.

The foundation of our ability to consistently create successful products for our clients is our Meaningful Design™ process, a multi-disciplined and collaborative approach to product development. HLB’s professional https://www.viagrageneriquefr24.com/viagra-femme-france-indication/ staff is comprised of talented mechanical engineers and industrial designers with portfolios of vast experience, patents and awards. Additionally, through established partnerships with other industry leaders, we provide world class research, branding, and software engineering enabling HLB to deliver proven, wide-ranging know-how within a single innovation team. Our staff and partners allow us to address every aspect of the product development process. Our ability to engage, listen, and learn as an integrated member of our client’s product development team is key to our success. Furthermore, we manage risk so that functional, design, and manufacturing issues are addressed earlier in the process rather than during critical launch phases.

HLB is positioned to solve your product development needs. Please stay tuned to our website (www.hlb.com) to learn more about Meaningful Design™, our work, partners and core competencies. Please contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss our capabilities and discover how HLB can add value to your product development project.

Our people have deep and specific expertise in:

· Identifying and shaping market opportunities.
· User experience and behavioral modeling.
· Aligning new products and services with brand strategy.
· Designing a winning look, feel and experience to build the brand.
· Mechanical, electrical, software and systems engineering.
· Design for manufacturing issues and creating products for full scale production.