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Meaningful Design® At HLB

Over the past several months we have noticed product planning evolve from a focus on simple, incremental revisions to full-blown, innovative new strategies. Seeing 2013 as a breakthrough year, HLB is focused on the future. As a result, we are looking to hone and strengthen our product development and management services as the need for research, design, and engineering expertise accelerates. Through a more thorough understanding of present industry needs HLB will continue to align and position our capabilities and processes to best complement and collaborate with partner organizations resulting in increased efficiency, quality, and ROI.

A few weeks ago I sent an e-mail introducing myself and attempting to initiate an industry dialog. I've even had the opportunity to chat with a few of you. In staying true to marketing and business development fundamentals, my objective is to listen and learn from those of you living the product development life every day. Maintaining a consistent pathway http://viagra-onlinetop.com/ to market insight is critical to ensuring HLB remains agile and effective in providing the highest caliber product development resources. In support of this effort and embracing the collaborative process, we are introducing the HLB - Meaningful Design Newsletter.

Over the past 50+ years HLB has been a significant contributor to thousands of successful products and research projects driven through a valuable, highly collaborative process titled Meaningful Design. An HLB rich history fused with feedback and new insight from other industry players will create a communication medium conducive to developing a network of resources and knowledge aimed to help us ALL work smart.

With that being said, please share your thoughts and insight on the product development environment for 2013. Feedback received will help structure future newsletter topics and initiate future conversation. To help us start, here are a few questions.

1. What has been the state of your organization's product development or innovation during the past few years?

2. Are your 2013 strategic product development plans more aggressive, as aggressive, or in a "wait and see" pattern?

3. Are your resources prepared for a spike in your industry's innovation curve?

4. Which elements within the product development cycle are you most or least prepared to tackle?

As we continue to gain momentum please stay tuned to future Meaningful Design Newsletters and Web updates. With your input we will continue to provide helpful information for the community as well as improve our collaborative process focused on creating powerful partnerships and developing products that make life more efficient, productive, and fulfilling.