HLB Approach To Product Development Business Model

Our mission is to create products that make life more enjoyable, more convenient and more fulfilling for those who use them. We call this Meaningful Design®.

We Understand through research and experience (people, consumers, end-users). We also understand our client's objectives, business challenges and industry. HLB Interprets our gained understanding of both user and client needs into meaningful concepts and strategies. The needs of users and clients are Expressed through provocative design, quality engineering and effective execution. As evidenced by 50+ years of success, HLB drives results and measurable Impact for users and clients through improved customer satisfaction and increased ROI.

HLB core values that make Meaningful Design® valuable to our clients:


· Thought Leadership
· Curiosity
· Passion
· Open
· User Focus


We are committed to providing an intimate level of service to the companies we serve, while delivering innovative solutions that advance their business goals and deliver distinct benefit to their customers.

We would very much appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust, establish a mutually beneficial relationship and gain your business. Please contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss our capabilities and discover how Meaningful Design® can add value to your product development project.